Christopher Mosley: Member Spotlight (February 2017)

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January 23, 2017
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Christopher Mosley: Member Spotlight (February 2017)

“Always be open to learning something new.  Position yourself to learn something from every experience and role in an organization.”

–Christopher Mosley, Sr. Benefits Analyst, Southern Company


Members and friends, meet member Christopher Mosley.  Christopher is a fitness-lovin’, bicycle-ridin’, Peachtree Road Race runnin’, avidly-readin’, chess-playin’, Chicago-steppin’, martial arts studyin’ Atlanta native! I don’t know what’s more impressive -the fact that Chris is an Atlanta native in a city that is increasingly attracting more Atlanta-transplants from all over the globe due to its growing economy, or that he finds the time to work as a Senior Benefits Analyst at Southern Company on top of his many hobbies.

Before coming to Southern Company over a year ago, Chris was working on the Financial Services side of things with a 401(k) asset management group at Bank of America in self-directed retirement plans for a number of years.  He eventually moved from there to work with Georgia-Pacific in their (then) newly launched service center.  Chris recalls, “They were in the process of centralizing some functions and felt that my retirement plan experience would be helpful and the role eventually morphed into a full-fledged benefits role.  With my experience in self-directed retirement plans I had never considered a role in Human Resources, but my time at Georgia-Pacific morphed in to an HR Benefits role.”  Fast-forward and Chris is right where he needs to be, at Southern Company where he is applying his experience as Southern Company goes through a similar transition.

It was around the time that Chris began at Southern Company that he first learned about NAAAHR.  “I had saved an article that I finally got around to reading in maybe the Atlanta Tribune or Rolling Out magazine.  In the article, Ivan Crossling was talking about NAAAHR.  I had been working in a bit of a silo for some time and was looking to broaden my network.  I sent an email to William Rolack and got a response back pretty quickly.  He said, ‘–don’t even think about being on the fence about joining NAAAHR Atlanta because you are in the Mecca for this field!’  True to his words, it has been a very enriching experience for me.  In my first year I didn’t miss a single event! It meant that much to me.”

Of course, I had to ask why to that statement, to which Chris responded, “I most enjoy being able to dialogue with my peers in a professional setting that is very welcoming.  I get insight or a birds-eye view into HR–related topics that I may not necessarily be currently involved with.  Always be open to learning something new.  Position yourself to learn something from every experience and role in an organization.  I got some invaluable insight from dialoguing with various members as I’m trying to determine which HR Certification I’m going to pursue.  For those looking to join or newly joining NAAAHR, I think the benefits will speak for themselves.”

Have you met Chris in person? Want to hear more about his experience at Southern Company? Want to know whether or not his dreams of competing in Le Tour de France 2017 are fact or fiction? I guess you’ll just have to come on out and say hello to Chris and meet professionals in Human Resources and other industries at the February chapter meeting on February 8th! Click here for more information and to register for this event.  While you’re at it, check out our monthly calendar for a list of upcoming events.  Advance registrants get a discounted rate from registrants at the door so don’t delay.  Register today!

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