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NAAAHR-Atlanta and WorkForceConnexion Partner to Promote Innovative Career Advancement Technology that Supports D&I Initiatives

The Workforce Inclusion Network’s Equalizer™ platform will provide an excellent vehicle to connect our individual members to positions based on their professional skills and experience as well as offer our corporate members a cost-effective solution to help identify, manage and select the best talent for their companies.

Troy Felder, NAAAHR-Atlanta Chapter President


NAAAHR-Atlanta and WorkForceConnexion Partner to Promote Innovative Career Advancement Technology that Supports D&I Initiatives

The Equalizer™ platform, offered by WorkForceConnexion, includes position-specific matching technology and helps to mitigate bias, and support diversity and inclusion in the hiring process

  Atlanta, Georgia, September 30, 2020 — In response to a growing effort to improve the recruiting and hiring process for organizations, NAAAHR-Atlanta (National Association of African Americans in Human Resources - Atlanta Chapter) announced a partnership with Workforce Connexion (WFX) to promote an innovative solution offering for human resource professionals to help mitigate bias and promote position-specific matching during the hiring process.

  The Equalizer™ technology platform matches position-specific candidates through an unbiased assessment and matching Applied Intelligence technology that relies solely on the skills, experience, background and relevance of every candidate irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual orientation. Applied intelligence uniquely combines the power of analytics, AI, and automation to enable high-functioning systems to surpass human intelligence for a specific purpose.

  The WorkForceConnexion group of companies provides clients with relevant and timely solutions to meet today's most critical recruitment challenges. The Workforce Inclusion Network (WIN), a WFX company, provides equal opportunities for members through a strategic inclusion advantage based on their professional applicability for open positions. WIN can also generate additional revenues for the organization/association.

  “WIN’s Equalizer™ platform is an excellent vehicle to provide an equal playing field for position-specific matching,” said Troy Felder, NAAAHR Atlanta Chapter President. “We are excited to introduce this new partnership and service to our members because it aligns with NAAHR’s diverse values and ongoing effort to support diversity and inclusion initiatives for organizations,” Felder added.

  NAAAHR-Atlanta is among the first associations to join this innovative partner program with WFX.

  “The more answers we (NAAAHR-Atlanta) bring to the table to address D&I challenges at the recruitment level will ultimately improve D&I at the company culture level. WFX’s Equalizer™ platform is a great way to achieve this,” said Alexis Holt, VP of Corporate Partnerships for NAAAHR Atlanta Chapter.

  About NAAAHR-Atlanta NAAAHR-Atlanta Chapter, National Association for African Americans in Human Resources, is an inspirational and unique career development and networking powerhouse for Black and African American human resources practitioners and those who are aligned with our goals to provide: Networking, Career Opportunities, Educational and Professional Development, Mentorship and Coaching and Tools, Tips and Resources. These opportunities will enhance the careers of our members and position them to be key contributors of the strategic direction of their organization. NAAAHR-Atlanta is a diverse membership community, including college students, entry and mid-level, senior-level human resources professionals, and senior-level human resources business partners. NAAAHR-Atlanta is the largest NAAAHR chapter in the nation. To learn more about NAAAHR-Atlanta, visit
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Member Career Advancement

NAAAHR’s Career Advancement Service, powered by the wfxDigital™ Equalizer Platform, will help NAAAHR members identify positions which match their experience, skills, requirements and career objectives whether you are a passive or active job seeker. No more trolling job boards if you are actively seeking a new position or, if you are not, it will allow you to stay abreast of positions that could be of interest to you as you advance your career. No more being inundated with emails and reach outs for positions that bear no relevance to your experience or career objectives. You will only be contacted with positions that exactly match your requirements and professional experience. You are in control of your own destiny – when matched, you will receive all details on the opportunity you have been matched to and can accept or decline your interest to be considered.

By registering and periodically updating your information, you will be able to be considered for hundreds of positions with only one application.

To register click here.
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Recruiter’s Partner

NAAAHR, is offering our corporate members a new talent acquisition selection and matching service powered by wfxDigital Equalizer’s™ Applied Intelligence Platform. WFX’s technology has been helping companies identify and match candidates using position specific analysis for 20 years. The Equalizer’s™, Applied Intelligence technology, based on unbiased algorithms, simplifies and optimizes the hiring process for our corporate members.

Through our partnership with The Workforce Inclusion Network, we are able to offer our members a 30% discount in the pricing that is normally charged for their talent acquisition management, matching and service.

The Equalizer’s Recruiter’s Partner takes the load off your internal recruiting teams by managing sourcing and matching applicants for each unique open position. The process takes the place of an in-depth initial telephone assessment of every applicant for a given position without the arduous and time consuming traditional methodology. Every applicant and sourced candidates is assessed and matched to the specific requirements of each open position based on hard and soft skills specific job knowledge, certifications, education and other professional and personal characteristics. The Equalizer™ Platform is unbiased and creates an equal and level playing field for every applicant who possesses the necessary requirements leading to better matches, better hiring and a better workforce.

After your account has been set up, all you need to do is complete an open position profile with the details of the job role to be filled and the Equalizer’s matching engine will evaluate, match, and present a shortlist of candidates that meet your requirements. We do the heavy lifting. Qualified, active and interested candidates from our network, as well as our partner associations, are matched and delivered for your review. For optimum results you can also forward all incoming candidates to your career page or job postings on others sites to the link provided and they will be matched against your positions.

To get started, select the link below to set up your account and take the first step towards increasing your hiring productivity, supporting diversity and inclusion, and selecting the very best and most relevant candidates for your open positions.

To sign up and start to take advantage of our new service offering click here..