Gia McMillan: Member Spotlight (October 2018)

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September 2, 2018
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Gia McMillan: Member Spotlight (October 2018)

Name: Gia McMillan

Membership Level: Professional Member

Membership Duration: 3 yrs

Title and Company: Interim, VP, Human Resources for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta

Education/Certifications: Master of Arts & Bachelor of Science: Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA

Volunteer Efforts and Other Affiliations: Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Volunteer Event Logistics Coordinator for a local LLC

Best Professional Memory/Career Accomplishments: Within 6 months of prior HR leadership role, I successfully negotiated a supplemental Collective Bargaining Agreement ending a two-year impasse.

If not HR, what would you have done: What else could there be?

Things we may not know about you: Oldest of 8 siblings; foodie; enjoys event logistics; married to Brandon K. McMillan.


If you’re a NAAAHR member affiliated with the Atlanta Chapter and are familiar with the P.E.R.C.S. group, have you ever wondered how the affinity group got its name? Meet Gia McMillan, the creative mind behind the full name of the affinity group: Payroll, Employee Rewards, Compensation, and Salaries.

Gia has had impactful Human Resources experiences throughout her career journey.  Early in her career as an admin with the federal prison system, Gia found that she had an interest in Human Resources once she was exposed to the recruiting, staffing and interviewing processes.

I wanted to know more about that process. What is recruitment and what does one have to do to become an employee? I also wanted to know more about benefits.

This led to Gia having more information sessions with the Human Resources Department in hopes of learning more.  That interest and passion led Gia into a Human Resources career within the public sector to a career as a Senior Human Resources Generalist for the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta.  This role became a gateway into her current role as the Interim VP of HR for the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta, a role that Gia landed just 8 months after starting with BCG of Atlanta.   Throughout her career, Gia has learned a great deal when it comes to HR.

With HR changing and compliance still being the number one focus, sometimes we forget that HR is a partnership. Sometimes we focus so much on the Human Capital piece that we forget that there needs to be a partnership.

Gia found NAAAHR Atlanta Chapter through Google 3 years ago.

I’ve always been involved in professional organizations, but I never reached out for Human Resources, and sometimes you don’t know what to expect when you’re walking into a new organization.  To see how organized and professional the group (NAAAHR) was really made a difference. Everyone was so welcoming.

Through Gia’s NAAAHR membership and involvement with the Atlanta Chapter, she has been able to do something that she is passionate about.  She has been able to give back to others on their career paths into Human Resources, an experience that she felt came full circle.  With that experience, she left these final words.

It is important for people in Human Resources to stay connected, especially in NAAAHR. People will remember you, but you have to do your part by putting yourself out there…even just to say hi. People will gravitate to you.

Come meet Gia and other like-minded professionals in Human Resources and other fields on October 10, 2018.  Don’t delay, register today and avoid the on-site registration lines.  Be sure to also check out our calendar of upcoming events here.



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