Sharon Larry: Member Spotlight (May 2018)

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April 1, 2018
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May 4, 2018

Sharon Larry: Member Spotlight (May 2018)

“It’s our time. To the African-American community and African American women, it’s our time.”

-Sharon Larry, Network V.P. & Business Solutions Trainer, Legal Shield


Members and friends, meet Sharon Larry.  A 20-year Georgia native, Sharon is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Sharon is currently the Network Vice President and Business Solutions Trainer for Legal Shield.  Sharon, along with her husband provide legal services to HR professionals, small business owners, and independent contractors.  Originally a computer science major, Sharon obtained a computer programming position right after college but quickly decided although she loved computers, she knew sitting in front of a computer all day would not fuel her passion.  That decision ultimately led Sharon into her current career field.
I wanted independence.  I wanted no cap on my income. I wanted to be able to create residual income and to be able to work with a team of people.  I did not want the traditional business model.  I wanted a way to earn money.  This field is not for everybody.  It’s for people who understand the model of being independent.
Throughout her professional journey, Sharon has encountered her share of challenges along the way that she has been able to overcome.
As African-Americans, you are told be like everyone else.  One thing I am learning is to speak my truth.  It starts with knowing your truth and who you are.  My biggest challenge was not owning up to who I was and what I wanted, and being willing to settle because that’s the best you can do.  It’s the times where I just sat on my hands that I regret the most.  Had I been willing to be a little bolder, more open, and not think that it had to be done the way somebody else told me, I would be a lot better off and be okay with failing.   It’s okay to fail, as long as you’re working to get back up.  If you are going to have failure anyways, why not have it be because you went in your direction and have time to correct it? It’s our time. To the African-American community and African-American women, it’s our time.
Sharon is also a Lifetime Member of NAAAHR.  When asked how she found the organization, she responded…
I was looking for networking events.  A colleague and I came to our first event, which was a soiree about 5 years ago. After that, I started attending events.  At that time I couldn’t wrap my arms around the value of the organization; nobody was really talking to me.  It didn’t appear to be something that made sense.

Sharon went on to say she attended the National NAAAHR Conference in Atlanta, Georgia and had the chance to spend time with people in the organization and really started to understand what NAAAHR stood for and the value of being associated with the organization.

Knowing what I know now, the value of being a member of NAAAHR means being a part of something where people are deliberately working on behalf of people like me.  I wanted to be a part of it.  At that moment, I decided to not just be an annual member but a lifetime member.
When Sharon is not working, she is enjoying mother nature, as she draws inspiration from her husband and her children where she tries to be present in the mornings to whatever captures her mind and heart.
If you have come in contact with Sharon at a local chapter meeting, did you also know that Sharon is the mother of 6, grandmother of 14 with 2 on the way? Or did you know she has had the opportunity to earn millions during her career? Come to our next chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 9th to get to know Sharon and other professionals from different organizations.  Click here to register or for more information.

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