Kimberley Lyday: Member Spotlight (April 2018)

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Kimberley Lyday: Member Spotlight (April 2018)

“…if you don’t share your story, you’re being selfish.”

-Kimberley Lyday, Human Resources Manager, ThyssenKrupp North America, Inc.


Many of us stumbled into the field of Human Resources by working in some other field and then making a transition.  Maybe we heard about the field in school or at a career fair.  Maybe someone said to us, “Hey, you’re good with people!” so we took that and ran with it.  Or maybe we had firsthand experiences with good or bad management, policies, or organizational cultures and realized the impact that Human Resources could have on these things and decided to try out the field for size.  Regardless of whether you work directly in Human Resources or apply some of the principles of Human Resource Management to your work, more organizations are beginning to realize the value of engaging the Human Resources function as a business partner that can make significant contributions to the bottom-line.  This month’s featured NAAAHR member, Kimberley Lyday, recalls a time where she helped her employer do just that…

It can be challenging working in an organization that doesn’t understand and value the contributions of HR. I worked for a corrugated box manufacturing plant in Colorado. As I reviewed data in preparation for union negotiations, I located a calculation error in their labor costs. I was persistent in bringing this matter to the forefront but it kept getting overlooked.  When they eventually listened and finally fixed it, there was a $98,000 savings in that one year!

Kimberley has more than 15 years of progressive HR expertise across several areas in various industries. She was first introduced to the field after realizing early on what she DIDN’T want to do…

I was graduating from high school in Colorado and figured I’d take a year off in between going to college.  I had met a recruiter through the Urban League in partnership with Future Business Leaders of America who mentioned giving her a call about job opportunities at Coors Brewing Company. I gave her a call and I was hired into a position on the can line working from 3pm-1130pm.  After a short stint at the brewing company, I called a temp agency and accepted a position at a bank working in the Human Resources department and I’ve been working in the field ever since.

I asked Kimberley what it is that she enjoys about the field.  What gets her out of bed in the morning and ready to perform? She replied,

As a human resources manager, I’ve truly enjoyed engaging in a number of areas in the field. Most recently, I’ve partnered with the executive leadership team to implement retention strategies and severance guidelines to support the change in people strategy while aligning with organizational goals. It’s important to consider how decisions impact the business and the employee.

When Kimberley is not at work, she still enjoys helping others.

Volunteering is near and dear to my heart.  It is a positive and rewarding feeling to be engaged in a cause greater than myself.  My family and I donate books, clothing, food, our time, and every year we participate in the DaVita kidney walk in honor of my Dad.

Mentoring is something also very important to Kimberley.  So much so that she is soon to launch her book entitled Strength, Courage, and Wisdom.


Strength, Courage & Wisdom is written for individuals who may have experienced childhood trauma.  I felt compelled to write this book because if you don’t share your story with others, you are being selfish. Sharing my wisdom may help someone dealing with a loss, abuse, betrayal or other bitter past experiences as a springboard that will lead to self-development.

It is important for us as seasoned professionals to share our stories and our experiences by mentoring those who are less experienced, so they may gain some insight into things that they may not have been exposed to yet.  Some of the best advice that I can give to others is to be true to yourself, pursue your dreams, and live life to the fullest; strive to be the best you, you can be!

Kimberley has been involved with NAAAHR since she lived in Colorado, helping to start the chapter there in 2002.  She landed one of her previous HR roles while attending a NAAAHR conference in San Francisco.  Now that she is here in Georgia, she recently connected with the Atlanta Chapter and we are happy that she has volunteered to accept a role as our Registration Committee Chairperson.

That said, do you plan to attend our April Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, April 11th? If so, don’t forget to say hello to Kimberley while you’re there! She and her crew will be at the registration table getting you all checked-in to experience what promises to be a great evening.  Of course, while there, you’ll meet Kimberley and professionals in Human Resources and other industries! Click here for more information about this event.  While you’re at it, also check out our monthly calendar for a list of upcoming events.  Don’t delay…

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